Somerdale Red Leicester Cheese

Somerdale Red Leicester Cheese
Somerdale / Traditional English Cheese
Somerdale Red Leicester forms part of our traditional English territorial cheese range.

Red Leicester was originally made on farms in the English county of Leicestershire using milk left over when Stilton making was completed. In the beginning, the distinctive colouring was imparted by adding carrot or beetroot juice but today, seed based annatto is used in their place, which does not change the overall flavour of the cheese.

Originally called ‘Leicestershire Cheese’, Red Leicester came into being during the 1940’s where wartime rationing prevented the use of colouring agents, resulting in cheese known as ‘White Leicester’.

Made in a similar manner to cheddar, Red Leicester has a more open and crumblier texture than its counterpart. The cheese is rich and buttery with a full, smooth flavour, which becomes stronger as the cheese matures.

Somerdale Red Leicester typically ships in cases of a single 3kg waxed deli wheel and 12 x 200g or 10 x 150g retail portions. 
Allergens Suitable For
Milk Vegetarians